Thank you for checking out my web site, what you will find here are several items for sale that are related to the
Ku Klux Klan

Check back often as I'll be adding more items in the future.

NO Foreign sales.



These wood carved Klansman are the coolest items to come along in a long time. As you can see, they are (individually) carved and painted to match what title and degree you hold in the Klan. Even the little MIOAK and other patches are hand painted on.


The only thing that does not work out well is painting a sash on the guy.


They can be carved to appear that they are standing on a block of wood, or just standing on the ground, the price is the same either way.


No doubt these will also become very collectable items, especially if they have information painted on them as to title and degree.


You'd have to let me know what color to paint and how many and what color stripes, and what type patches, and any other personal information, if any.


Of course you can also purchase them as a Klan guy in a white robe with just the MIOAK hand painted on.

Each carving is 12 inches high and close to 3 inches wide.


These carvings are created by a disabled Vietnam vet who was in the Klan up until he was sent to Viet Nam. When he returned (wounded) he decided to just be a Klan supporter and just hang up his robe for the last time.


It takes about two weeks for one of these little guys to be created, please keep in mind that these are done by him as a hobby, not a job.


Price is $95.00 each, shipping is included. Believe it or not, that is a real deal for such a hand made, personalized item.

Red Robe Multiple carvingsRed Robe 2Green Robe Carving