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This great looking ring has the skull and cross bones, which are usually a sign of something to do with Klan Night Hawk(s).


The spelling of Night Hawk has been changed throughout the years, but going back to when it all started, the way it was spelled is like I have it here. Different eras of the Klan have used different ways of spelling it, so‚Ķthere really isn’t a right or wrong way of spelling it. Whichever way your Klan spells it is the way you should consider the correct way.


Once again, this ring is solid poured .925 sterling silver.


On the right side of the ring is a standing hooded Klansman with his arms folded in front of him, under him is the acronym "AKIA".


On the left side of the ring is that famous vision of the nightrider Klansman riding on his hooded horse, and carrying a lighted cross.


On the bottom of the ring band are the words NON SILBA SED ANTHAR, I'm quite sure you are familiar with that phrase. The words are deeply engraved, not just printed on the ring and no matter which style of ring you want, they all have the words in black, as you see in the photographs.


There are three different styles of this ring to choose from, the shiny silver, the antique style, or the solid black background.


This ring comes in size 10 through 14 including half sizes.


Any size smaller than 10 or larger than 14 can be created, but please contact me for special pricing.


I have to add this, the photographs you are viewing really do not do justice to the rings.


Each ring is individually made, therefore there will never be two rings EXACTLY the same, that only happens when something is mass-produced.


The price(s) for this beautiful specialty ring are:


$225.00 each, for the shiny silver.


$225.00 each, for the antique style.


$225.00 each, for the black background.


Above prices include shipping and tracking.