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As you can see by the photographs, I have now created a very fine looking MIOAK ring, done in the design of the Klan’s 2nd era, which are now available for sale.


After several months of working side by side with my jeweler, and after making several different styles and shapes of this new ring, I have decided to go with this one.


This ring is very pleasant to look at and is very nice looking when being worn. It has a very smooth streamline appearance to it. It is all one piece, poured .925 sterling silver, and does not look like someone simply glued a MIOAK to the top of a ring band. Some of the other MIOAK rings I have seen just look gaudy, cheap, and thrown together.


This new MIOAK ring can be proudly worn by Klansman and LOTIES alike, other Klan folk will know what it is when they see it, but strangers to the Klan will not know, therefore this ring could be worn all the time, not just for Klan gatherings.


It will be available in the beautiful shiny silver, or in an antique type finish, or with a beautiful red enamel background (see the photos). The size range will be from size 7 to size 14, including half sizes. Any sizes below a size 7 or larger than a size 14 can be created, but contact me for special pricing.


All MOAK rings have the Klan motto "NON SILBA SED ANTHAR" deeply hand engraved on the bottom of the ring band.


Each ring is made one at a time, these are NOT mass-produced in any way, when you order one of these rings, it is created just for you personally!


Please keep in mind that internet photos of jewelery never really do justice to the item, same with this MIOAK ring, it is a lot nicer looking in real life than what you see here. If you notice any blemishes in the photographs, I can assure you they are not visible on the actual ring.


The price(s) for this beautiful brand new MIOAK ring are:


$175.00 each, in shiny silver, which includes shipping. (RING 2)


$175.00 each for the antique style silver, which includes shipping. (RING 2A)


$200.00 each with the red enamel background, which includes shipping. (RING 2R)