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Ku Klux Klan.

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After talking with a couple Klan friends of mine, who mentioned that there is a real need for a very nice Klan ring to be created. I decided to try my hand at coming up with a well-made Klan ring and what we have here are the results of my "efforts".

I'll explain the ring. Each ring is made by hand, one at a time, sizes 10 through 14 including half sizes.

This ring is not some kind of factory-produced piece of crap, they are made of .925% sterling silver (fine), NOT silver-plated! They are poured full silver throughout. Each ring weighs 1.38 to 1.5 ounce(s) of fine silver. The difference in the weight is due to the size of the ring.

As you can see, the top of the ring can be made with either a black background or the natural silver background, or an antiqued background.

I can also change the appearance of the ring as well, for example, I made one ring where the skull and cross bones are replaced by a red blood drop made of a jeweler's composite material, kind of like a deep red crystal cut and shaped like the blood drop.

On the right side of the ring is a standing hooded Klansman with his arms folded in front of him, under him is "AKIA".

On the left side of the ring is that famous vision of the night rider Klansman riding on his hooded horse, and carrying a lighted cross.

On the bottom of the ring band are the words NON SILBA SED ANTHAR, I'm quite sure you are familiar with that phrase. The words are engraved, not just printed on the ring and no matter which style of ring that someone might want, they all have the words in black, as you see in the photograph.

LOTIE RINGS: These high quality, solid .925% sterling silver rings come with the women's Klan emblem in color (with poured colored enamel) or plain silver.

When ordering specify whether you want a ring with color or plain sterling silver.

Each ring is individually made so sizes are made to order. Size 4 through size10 including half sizes.

Each ring is made one at a time and will have the Klan Motto: "Non Silba Sed Anthar" engraved on the band.

I have to add this, the photographs you are viewing really do not do justice to the rings.

As I mentioned above, each ring is individually made, therefore there will never be two rings EXACTLY the same, that only happens when something is mass produced.

Oh yea, these rings are very large when on your hand, and of the guys who already have them, they have all ordered to fit on the middle finger, almost too big to wear comfortably on the ring finger.

OK... Here is the breakdown of the price, (I'm sure you have been wanting to know).

MENS RINGS: (any style or size) is $250.00, (shipping included). Due to the cost of the ring, I will only ship U.S. Postal service, each one will have postal insurance, and will be sent requesting a signed receipt of delivery, and of course mail tracking of each shipment is necessary.

LOTIE RINGS: are $180.00 each shipping included

There is no doubt that these rings will some day be real collector items.

After an order is received, it will only be about 10 days before shipping the ring out.

If you have any interest in owning one of these rings, you can contact me through my email address:



blood dropantique face ringRing side and backRing side and face