Thank you for checking out my web site, what you will find here are several items for sale that are related to the
Ku Klux Klan.

Check back often as I'll be adding more items in the future.

NO Foreign sales.

This KKK sterling silver (fine) hood weighs in at a 20 grams of solid poured silver. It is a bit over 2.0 inches in height and 1.25 inches wide. The eye openings are open all the way through, and the year 1865 is deeply engraved just below the KKK.


The KKK and the year can also be made with black letters and numbers.


No doubt this will some day be a very nice collectors piece.


This piece is actually very large, but made to be worn only as a pin, look close at the pics and you will see it comes with a screw type push through pin. It tightens very tight so there is no chance of ever losing it.

This hood shines as nice as you could ever imagine, any colors you see going across the face is background reflection from when I took the pics.


This pin can also be made into a VERY nice money clip; contact me for details and pricing.


Considering the weight, detail, and quality of this KKK pin, it really is moderately priced at $175.00 each and shipping is included.


Large Hood boxLarge Hood back