Thank you for checking out my web site, what you will find here are several items for sale that are related to the
Ku Klux Klan.

Check back often as I'll be adding more items in the future.

NO Foreign sales.

Here is my latest Klan creation, this piece can be worn by guys or LOTIEs, it measures 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide and is quite thick; 14.5 grams of .925 sterling silver (fine).


This piece can be worn on a chain, or be made with a push-through threaded pin to be worn on a jacket, robe, hat or shirt.


The eyes are open and are all the way through, the year 1865 is engraved under the eye openings.

The KKK and 1865 can either be plain silver or in black.


Please specify if you want black numbers and if it's going on a chain or as a pin.

They are fairly priced at $150.00 each, and shipping is included.


Chain is NOT included.


The quality of these fine Klan jewelry pieces is unmatched by anyone! I am currently working on some additional styles of necklace items, there is a MIOAK, and a KNIGHT RIDER in the works. They are hand made, one at a time by one of the best jewelers in the Midwest.


PLEASE NOTE: When you look at the pics, any colors you see across the face area are reflections of things from the background. The jewelry piece has no colors in it at all, nothing but clear silver shine!




Hood on chainHood in box

The necklaces below are are poured solid .925 sterling silver (fine) [not silver-plated and shine as much as possible on the front and the back as well.

The red & white coloring is actually enamel that is heated and poured in. (These take longer to make but the wait is worth it.)
It measures 5/8 X 1/2 inch, if you had a desire to have something much bigger than the size I have now, no problem, we would just have to discuss what size you'd be interested in, and it can be done; price would depend on how big the finish size would be.
They come with a very well made, heavy-duty chain loop.

Prices are:
Plain polished silver $75.00 each. (shipping is included)
With red & white coloring, $100.00 each (shipping included)

Red Shield NecklaceSilver shield Necklace