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I have received many emails asking me about creating an AKIA ring. Here it is, a very, very nice ring with a lot of detail.


Keep in mind that only other Klan folk will even know what this ring stands for.


Due to all the fine detail in this ring, it really was somewhat difficult to create, but here it is, ready to go.


For those of you who don’t know about the AKIA ring, the letters stand for “A Klansman I Am” in the center of the ring and around the outside there are three K’s, each side of the triangle is part of the letter K…therefore, without even spelling it out, your ring is always showing three Ks, standing for Ku Klux Klan.


This AKIA ring is poured solid .925 sterling silver and has the Klan motto “NON SILBA SED ANTHAR” deeply engraved on the bottom of the ring band.


This ring can be made in sizes 10 through 14...including half size increments we are also capable of making this ring in smaller sizes for the LOTIE in your life.


Any size smaller than 10 or larger than 14 can be created, but contact me for special pricing.


Each ring is made one at a time, these are NOT mass-produced in any way, when you order one of these rings, it is created just for you personally!


I just can’t say enough good things about this ring, it’s simply a beautiful work of Klan art work, you’d be very proud to wear one of these to your next Klan gathering.ß


This ring can also be created with the antique looking background, at no
additional cost.


Please keep in mind that internet photos of jewelery never really do justice to the item, same with this AKIA ring, it is a lot nicer looking in real life than what you see here. If you notice any blemishes in the photographs, I can assure you they are not visible on the actual ring.

Shipping would be within 10 working days of receiving payment in full.


This ring is priced at:


$200.00 each, shipping and tracking is included.